My experience at Drift Away was amazing! I received the "Awaken Your Soul" Infrared, Light, & Sound Therapy. During the session, I felt very relaxed, so relaxed I ended up falling asleep. After the session, I felt like a new person! Less mental fog and more refreshed feeling.

Katia Ballesteros

This was the Best message and stretch I've ever had. Great environment. Great energy. Great experience

cedrina johnson

My experience at Drift Away Therapeutic Massage last week was AMAZING! I received the "Awaken your Soul" with Infrared, Light & Sound Therapy and it is exactly what it does. It was a refreshing staycation/ distraction well needed. While in a trance, the power of de-stressing and relaxation was like no other. I felt rejuvenated that it helped lessen my body pain in my lower back down to my feet. If a 30min session (one time) works this well, just imagine what a reoccurring session (at least monthly) could do... especially if you have fibromyalgia, chronic pain/fatigue, and/or arthritis (like myself). I DEFINITELY & HIGHLY RECOMMEND this service at DRIFT AWAY THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE in a Heart Beat!!!

tiana motton

My experience at "Drift Away" Therapeutic Massage Center was like no other. They use "state of the art" technology and equipment paired with the knowledge of ancient alternative medicine disciplines. My experience was not only relaxing but enlightening and healing. Therapist and owner, Sherlinda, is very thorough and gentle in her delivery as well as knowledgeable in the field. You can certainly feel the healing energy through her gentle touch. I highly recommend "Drift Away " Therapeutic Massage Center.

Janet Declet-Wade

Sherlinda is hands down the BEST massage therapist I've been to (ever) and in central Texas! She cares. She informs. She has so much knowledge and experience about the body that she is able to shift the type of massage she gives you to fit YOU and YOUR needs! Massage isn't a "one size fits all" and she'll prove that to you in one visit... even if it's for 30 minutes. She has great prices and varying hours. You can't beat it!!! Book already!

Michelle Bollinger